On watching Occulus


March 28, 2015

On watching Occulus

I watched the movie Occulus last night and was very disappointed. There will be gentle spoilers in this status, so if you haven’t seen it you might want to move on. I watched it because I sort of like horror movies, and it starred Karen Gillan and Kaytee Sackhoff. They were both pretty good, though…Read More


November 14, 2013

On Watching Skyfall

I watched Skyfall last night. Actually I slept through a good deal of it. It was awful. Everything I hate about Bond, and then a lot of other things added in that I also hated. Dreadful. It was my first Daniel Craig as Bond film and I think he’s awful, too. Crass and ugly like…Read More


January 22, 2007

New God in the Acting Pantheon

I have a new favorite actor. Since I was a child, there were 3 who had my heart. Boris Karloff who gave us the iconic face of Frankenstein’s monster AND the Mummy AND the voice of the Grinch, just to name a few, was probably my very first favorite actor (Lon Chaney Jr. might have…Read More


January 1, 2007

The year Resolved

A year ago I posted a set of resolutions for 2006. Six months ago I did a review of those resolutions. Now I’m going to do a final review in preparation for tomorrow’s new resolutions. So here goes: 1. More Exercise – Particularly more wallking. I did very well on this one for most of…Read More


November 23, 2006

Happy Returns

Today is my birthday. It is the first birthday in years, possibly ever that I’ve just been able to enjoy. November has always been hard for me. The first kick of cold and I felt my heart digging down for hibernation. By the time my birthday comes around and I’mhuge stick of depressive dynamite just…Read More


July 9, 2006

Pirates: Dead Man’s Chest, wicked cool!

Just came back from Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest, and I have to say it was wickedly fun. Absolutely loved it. Bill Nighy is truly great as Davy Jones (I just got done watching him on Tuesday in Sean of the Dead, and heard him singing “Christmas is All Around Me” from Love…Read More