I've Fallen In Love With A Car

I’ve Fallen In Love With A Car

I have fallen in love with a car. It doesn’t happen often, in fact only twice before has the design of a car smitten me so.

This car is the Renault Dezir and it is certainly beautiful. This is the corporate video Renault showed at the car’s unveiling.

Cute, right?

The care was also the basis for the Renault Alpine A110-50 homage to the 50 year anniversary to the Alpine 110.

But for some reason the lines of the Alpine don’t excite me quite the way the DeZir does. It is pretty wicked cool, though.

As I said before, only 2 other cars in my life have grabbed my affection in this way. One is the 1938 Phantom Corsair, the car by which I measure al other cars. In 1938 it starred in the film “The Young in Heart” as ‘The Flying Wombat” and here are some excerpts.

Clearly the lines of the Corsair captured something in my imagination, which moves on to the second car of my life, the 1971 Buick Riviera.

I owned this car for a while, and really loved it, though it was much too big in just about every way. You can see, though, that the lines of the car aren’t that different from the lines on the Corsair, though much more influenced by its own decade.

Which brings us back to the DeZir. It has some similar lines, too, but much more dynamic and interesting, I think.

My love of cars started, of course, with Wacky Races. None of the cars have the lines I’ve grown to love, but they do have an interest, even the gaudiest of them. I remember making drawings of the various cars, particularly those that bent my imagination of what a car could be.

But the DeZir goes beyond that for me. Even though the interior resembles a hyped out basketball shoe, the car has captured my imagination. The way the doors fly out not in seagull fashion but more like a beetle, the way the seats light up, the way the sides indent and curve, and the way the front emblem beats like a heart. Yeah, I’m smitten.

Have you ever been smitten by a car or other vehicle? If so, what was it and why? Tell me in the comments!