On Watching Skyfall

On Watching Skyfall

I watched Skyfall last night.

Actually I slept through a good deal of it. It was awful.

Everything I hate about Bond, and then a lot of other things added in that I also hated. Dreadful.

It was my first Daniel Craig as Bond film and I think he’s awful, too. Crass and ugly like a wart on your second knuckle you just can’t get rid of no matter how much Compound W you lather on. Not in anyway representative of the creme of what MI6 has to offer. Not what I want to spend my time watching, that’s for sure.

So I recommend you skip it, entirely. The only thing worth watching in it is the opening credit sequence, which is marvelous and worth watching again several times.

Do they make mental Compound W so you can get warty images out of your head?