Spewing Forth

Spewing Forth

Well, it has been an interesting day. I had planned on using this day off of work to re-build a studio for myself, where I can again paint comfortably. I had been painting down in the garage, and when we were in the usual autumnal heat wave it was fine to go down to the dimly lit cool cement surroundings of the garage. Now, unfortunately, it is just cold and dark and not very inviting.

Because of the lack of inspirational surroundings I’ve not been painting much over the last few weeks, and I’m missing it dearly. So, I originally took today as a Vacation day (and Birthday present to myself) so I could spend the day tinkering in the basement, making room to paint in what was the office area that I share with my wife into a workable studio.

Of course, as is usually the case, such things don’t turn out quite as well as one would plan. Last night, after coming home from my daughter’s Kindergarten Potluck, she awoke in the middle of the night with stomache complaints which, eventually, lead to vomiting. She clearly just wanted to be asleep, but her stomache would not relax and the poor girl just needed someone to hold her until she felt well enough to get back to bed.

So, after spending much of the middle of the night cleaning up spew, I slept for a while and then spent the day trying to entertain a sick 5 year old. Not easy, especially when my little girl had the mental energy to do calculus, but the physical energy to imitate a slow motion Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom clip on tree sloths, the combination of which brought her patience level down well below sea level.

So my day was spent scribbling carefully with old, melted crayons in a coloring book, reading fairy stories and Magic TreeHouse books, watching cartoons taped from the WB’s Saturday line up (The Batman still rocks), napping off the previous night’s sleep deprivation, and other activities my daughter needed. Not what I had planned, but not entirely unpleasant, either.

The evening went much better, as my daughter was feeling better overall, and my friends Chris and Christa and their son Ben came for my birthday celebration. We had a wonderful meal of 4 different types of pasta dumplings (2 kinds of tortellini, raviolli, and greek triangle pasta) and a nice helping of Pecan Pie. In addition I got 2 new journals (which I fill up very quickly, and, as I am now on my last one, are coming in very good timing) and 2 books which I am very much looking forward to reading with care: Phillip Pullman’s addition to the His Dark Materials trillogy, a little book called Lyra’s Oxford and the Art of the Increadibles which will give me inspiration of months to come, I am sure.